Selling your house but feeling stuck with your current real estate agent? It’s a common scenario, and guess what – changing agents is totally okay. Our article will guide you through why and how to switch to a new agent, making the process clear and straightforward.

Ready for a smoother selling journey? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

Reasons for Changing Real Estate Agents

A couple signing a real estate contract with a new agent.

Finding the right selling agent makes a big difference. Some sellers decide to change their real estate agents because they haven’t yet sold their house. It’s common and okay. A new agent might bring fresh ideas and strategies that better match your needs.

“A good relationship with your real estate broker is key to selling your home.”

I once had to switch agents after three months of no offers on my property. The second agent changed our approach, focusing more on online listings and open houses, which got us an offer in just a few weeks.

This experience taught me the importance of being on the same page with your broker regarding how to market and sell your place. Sometimes, contracts need reviewing or terminating if things aren’t working out.

Make sure you check these agreements first before making any changes to avoid legal issues or extra costs.

Risks Involved in Changing Real Estate Agents

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Swapping real estate agents isn’t always smooth sailing. You might end up paying two commissions instead of one.

Potential for double sales commission

Switching real estate agents might lead to paying two commissions. This happens if both the old and new agent claim they had a role in selling your house. The contracts you signed when you first listed your property might say you owe commission to your original agent, even after you switch.

If a buyer that the first agent found ends up buying your home, you could have to pay them.

Reading and understanding contracts is key here. Look for terms around commission in the “terms of use” or “legal sections“. Ask for clear explanations from both agents about how their commissions work.

This way, you can avoid surprises and make sure everyone gets paid fairly without doubling up on costs.

Steps to Changing Real Estate Agents

Changing real estate agents can feel like a big move, but sometimes it’s the right step to get your home sold. First off, taking a close look at your contract with your current agent is key—this document outlines all terms and conditions you agreed to.

If you find clauses that tie you down, talking to a legal professional could show you the way out. Once you’ve sorted the contract side of things, saying goodbye to your existing agent respectfully sets a positive tone.

Next comes choosing someone new for the job. This part is exciting! Think about what didn’t click with your previous agent and look for those qualities in potential new ones. Interviews are great for this—chatting face-to-face gives you a solid sense of whether they understand what you need.

Remember, finding an agent who clicks with both you and your property aims can make all the difference in getting that “Sold” sign up!

Reviewing your contract

First, grab your contract and give it a good look. This document lists all the terms you agreed upon with your agent. It’s like checking the rules before you play a game – knowing what’s in there is key.

If there’s talk about consent, privacy policy, or legally binding terms, you’ll want to spot those. These bits are crucial since they decide if and how you can say goodbye to your current estate agency.

I once found myself squinting at this very type of agreement. My goal? To figure out if I could switch agents without landing in hot water, especially regarding obligations or any clauses about double sales commission risks.

Trust me, understanding these details up front saves headaches later.

Next up – figuring out how to cut ties properly with your current agent…

Terminating the existing contract

After looking over your contract, you might decide it’s time to end things with your current real estate agent. This step requires care. You must follow the process laid out in the listing agreement to avoid issues.

I went through this myself and learned a couple of things the hard way. First, make sure you have a valid reason for termination—that could be anything from poor communication to lack of results.

Then, get in touch with your agent or their agency in writing. Keep it professional and clear about why you’re ending the contract.

Ending my own real estate agent’s contract taught me another thing—always check for any costs involved in terminating early. Some contracts mention penalties or fees if you end things before an agreed period is up—a crucial detail so many overlook! Once everything is settled, and both parties have consented to go separate ways, it’s official; you can start looking for a new agent who better fits your needs.

Selecting a new agent

Finding the right agent takes effort. Start by asking friends or family for recommendations. They might know someone who did a great job selling their property. Research is key, too.

Look online for agents with good reviews and strong sales in your area. This shows they understand your market well.

Next, interview a few agents before making a decision. It felt helpful when I asked them about their strategies for selling houses like mine. Their answers gave me insight into how proactive and creative they could be with marketing my property.

Also, discuss fees and contracts upfront to avoid surprises later on. This step ensures you find an agent who not only fits your needs but also respects your budget constraints.


Yes, you can switch real estate agents when selling your house. This move is okay and sometimes needed to get the right fit for your home’s sale. Check your contract first and talk through things with your current agent – it’s a kind step that helps them grow.

Choosing a new agent comes next, aiming to keep your house sale on track. Remember, the goal is always to find the best match for selling your property, ensuring success in this journey.


1. Can I switch real estate agents if I’m not happy with the one selling my house?

Absolutely, you can change real estate agents during the sale process. It’s important to check your agreement for any terms about ending the contract early and maybe get some legal advice to make sure you’re all clear.

2. Will changing agents affect how fast my house sells?

Not necessarily. If your new agent brings fresh strategies and a robust network, it might even speed things up! The key is finding someone who really gets the market and has a solid plan for your property.

3. Do I need to tell my current agent why I’m switching?

While you’re not obligated to give a reason, sharing feedback could help them improve their service in the future. Just remember, keep it professional and stick to the facts.

4. What should I look for in a new real estate agent?

Look for someone with a great track record of sales in your area, excellent communication skills, and innovative marketing ideas. They should be proactive about getting tenants or buyers through leases or auctions – basically, they’ve got to have a plan that excites you!

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